About Great Akha Coffee
The Akha Coffee creates the Fairest Trade advantage, with the full richness of 100% Arabica. Coffee plants grown in the beautiful Mekong Highland plantations in North Thailand. Picked and processed by hand to produce a distinctive high quality and freshly roasted, organic, sun dried. Akha Coffee plants are grown at mid elevations between 1200-1800 meters above sea level and are considered to produce seeds that yield a more complex smooth flavor and aroma. Akha Coffee fully satisfies the requirements of a world class coffee with unique taste and community commitment to give you love from the best.

Akha Coffee‘s Community Commitment …
We support numerous locally based projects, which include helping stateless tribal children living in Thailand, and bringing an end to poverty, hunger and human trafficking with the exploitation of children.
Coffee Bean Harvest
Skilled farmers know exactly when to pick the coffee bean. Once harvesting time comes, the berries must be processed to remove the coffee bean from the fruit.
Drying Coffee Bean

The wet coffee bean is naturally sun dried on the patio, then, the pulp which surrounds the bean is removed before collection, sorting and finally roasting.

The roasting process is what produces the characteristic flavor of coffee by causing the green coffee beans to expand and to change in color, taste, smell, and density.

Coffee Bean Harvest Drying Coffee Bean Roasting
Product - Varieties of Akha Coffee
Akha Coffee have three different method ways of roasting process.
1. Dark Roasted
2. Medium Roasted
3. Gold Roasted
There are five distinctive flavors of Akha Coffee.
1. Preberry
2. Supreme flavor
3. Gold flavor
4. Platinum
5. Extra flavor
Premium Preberry - Akha Coffee bean of 100% Arabica. The best quality of Arabica ever grown with the distinctive unique flavor that is extremely smooth by using the coffee that grown as a single bean in one berry which is really rave. Carefully selected by every bean and the similar flavor of supreme flavor but strong taste and aroma with more oil in the roasting bean than any other flavor and have more golden foam on the top than supreme flavor.
Supreme flavor - Akha Coffee bean of 100% Arabica specie premium grade quality produce; which planted at 1200 feet above sea level and even higher altitude with cool weather all year around and shady plants, that covered coffee plant, resulted the coffee bean growth process to slower harvesting period than other location, witch make the brewing period of 15 months or more before roasting process of
Dark Roast, Medium Roast. The aroma is like flower perfume mixed with the touch of light soil which gives the nice sense of smell unique of the location.
Gold flavor - Akha Coffee bean of 100% Arabica specie premium grade quality which harvested from the same location as supreme flavor coffee. The differences is the brewing period that is shorter than the supreme flavor coffee. Gold flavor coffee takes 15 months or less in brewing period. Gold roasting uses a special technique which gives a similar flavor to the supreme flavor. The differences is that gold flavor gives bitter flavor more than supreme with special golden foam on top, gold flavor also had more oil in the roasted bean than supreme flavor.
Platinum flavor - Akha Coffee bean of 100% Arabica specie premium grade quality with the combination of coffee bean that grown with the full sun light in the altitude of 1200 feet high with cool air all year around and the brewing time period of 12 months or more but less than gold flavor. There are Dark roasted and medium roasted. The aroma of platinum is softer than gold flavor. There are golden foam on the top just like gold flavor but less oil in the roasted bean. The aroma of wild flavor that leaved the most refreshing flavor in your mouth.
Extra flavor - Akha Coffee bean of 100% Arabica from the coffee plant that drown in full sun light in the Altitude of 1200 feet above the sea level with cool air all year around and the brewing period of 12 months which is less than gold, platinum. The roasting is only been done in medium roasted only with the aroma that softer than gold flavor and lesser oil than gold flavor. The golden foam on the top with the
aroma of flower. The flavor is softer than platinum. The coffee bean smaller than any other kind of flavor and cheaper than any other kind of coffee.


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